Another brave and thought provoking tweet about suffering from what are seen as the ‘lesser cousins’ in mental illness. Of course, they are not and all pain is relative x

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Today we have Angelika Rust here, talking about depression, social anxiety, and the stigma of the mentally ill.


I have a slight case of depression and social anxiety. I say slight because I get by without meds, and I never feel the urge to throw myself off a cliff. Doesn’t mean it’s all fun and games, though.

Imagine a nasty cold – runny nose, headache, limbs hurt, you feel tired. Not nice, but not really a reason to stay in bed all the time. You’re not even running a fever, so you might as well go to work. And anyway, a cold usually doesn’t last longer than a week or two. Get over it.

Now imagine the same cold for the rest of your life. Every. Single. Day. And you know you have to live with it, because it can’t be cured. All you can do is, wrap yourself…

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