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Today T.M. Hogan talks to us about what it’s like to grow up when mental illness runs in the family, and how she learned to cope.


My experience with mental illness. Well, I guess it begins with the family, in that it is a trait I was born with, mostly from my father’s side of the gene pool. So, I grew up in a household dominated by bi-polar – anxious anger and control, and manic outbursts of waste and laughter. I don’t typically like thinking of my past; it hurts too much, what was and what could have been, growing up inside a cage of fear.quote walking through darkness
From the time I was born I’ve only known hate from other children. My earliest memories are of being pushed away, excluded, teased for being the way I was – female, ugly, fat, stupid, annoying, too smart, “why do you like this, you’re…

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