A ‘dreadful’ anthology – all proceeds to a Homeless charity that help with mental health issues too. Super stories x

Cake & Quill

We proudly present our first anthology: dreadcover2.3Gifts from the Dark – A Miscellany of Dread.

A collection of stories & poems, each a small gift from the dark place where fear and dread dwell. A sometimes creepy, sometimes spooky, sometimes funny read, just in time for your Halloween night.


Halloween is a time when we celebrate the dark. But for some people, the darkness is very real, and they need help to fight it.

We are donating all of our proceeds from Gifts from the Dark: A Miscellany of Dread to Step Up on Second, a nonprofit that supports homeless people in the Los Angeles area. We chose Step Up on Second because in addition to housing and vocational training, they provide support services and advocacy for the mentally ill.

Mental illness is intimately tied to homelessness—they make up a third of the homeless population in the…

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